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Looking for the latest in news that affects today’s musicians? Want to connect with a community of music professionals? Cued in is your music community—powered by Pepper, driven by you.

It’s a place to share, discover, and discuss information that matters to you. Music news. Videos. Discussions. You’ll find them all here.

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Looking to discover the latest and best information that impacts the music community? Featured News is your finger on the pulse of the music world.

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Cued In is all about interacting with your music community. Browse what your colleagues have shared, add articles or videos you’ve found that you think would benefit others, ask a question or pay it forward by answering questions posed by others.

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Sort how posts appear in your feed. ‘New’ shows posts chronologically, ‘Trending’ shows posts that are popular now, and ‘All Time’ shows the site's most popular posts of all time.

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Looking to get really specific? Tags help you find precisely what you’re looking for. Click a tag to see everything labeled with it.

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Use the arrows to upvote the best articles, questions, and videos. Help us keep Cued In relevant by downvoting posts that detract from the conversation.

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See and hear incredible performances and presentations that inspire, uplift, and inform.

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Gather with other Cued In members who share your interests whether you have a geographical region in common, belong to a teachers' organization, or want to discuss a musical niche. Join an existing group or start one of your own.

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Sort member posts by specific discipline—no need to shuffle through everything to find the content that matters most to you.

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